Karsten recently celebrated 2 years with the team so we decided to have some fun.

Of course by ‘celebrated’ we mean he didn’t realise, and by ‘have some fun’ we mean ask some daft questions.

Our marketing partner, Amy at Hub asked Karsten some of the trickiest questions he’s faced in his career to date:

1. Which Covid cut are you heading for?

Number 7 – although in these unprecedented times this could easily turn into a number 6.

2. What’s your favourite satellite and why?

Sputnik. The Russians had so many firsts – man and woman in space, satellites – but because they didn’t get ‘the big one’ – the least we can do is say theirs is my favourite satellite.

3. Best bits about working for SatSense?

You mean better than getting paid at the end of the month? Hmmm.
Before SatSense I was used to solving problems on my own. Now, with the support of a team I’m not an island.

4. How many words can you make out of the word InSAR?

7: in, is, sin, air, rain, rains, an, sari, ars. Which is 9. And yes they’re definitely all words.

Great, you’ve passed – now let’s post your Sinkholes article!